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April 23, 2018

The fight for a flower

Roads and Kingdoms

"Chef Fadi Kattan, who runs the Hosh al-Syrian guesthouse and Fawda Cafe in Bethlehem, fondly remembers how his mother cooked Akoub: fried, with lemon juice and tahini. " 


January 26, 2018

A feast beyond the wall

The Gannet

"we have come to Bethlehem to create a dinner, a one-off collaboration between the French-Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan, known for his modern take on traditional cuisine, and British chef and writer Tom Hunt" 


November 26, 2017

A chat with Bethlehem's

top chef - Fiona Dunlop

"I met Fadi Kattan, an enterprising, highly creative chef from an old and distinguished Bethlehem family."


December 17, 2017

This pop-up bakery...

PBS Newshour

"At his restaurant, Kattan, who has trained in kitchens in France and England, deconstructs and reinterprets traditional recipes" 


September 23, 2017

A tale of two cities...

Nick Lander

"we were able at very short notice to have lunch in the Hosh Al-Syrian Hostel's Fawda Café and meet its remarkable founder Fadi Kattan"


September 8, 2017

Les tables de Bethléem


"Le chef franco-palestinien de 39 ans, bouillant et passionné, s’acharne avec succès à revisiter la tradition culinaire et les produits du terroir de Cisjordanie."


April 19, 2017

Fehler beim Kochen

Zeit Magazin

"So kamen wir auf dieses Rezept. Es wurde eines der beliebtesten Gerichte in unserem Restaurant."


December 24, 2016

There is room at the inn

Conde Nast Traveler

"A lot of people come to the Hosh for the food. Kattan, a Paris-trained chef, is inspired by the epicurean cooking of his Palestinian grandmother."


December 24, 2016

Le musakhan ou le ...

L'Orient Le Jour

"À Bethléem, capitale de Noël, le chef au parcours iconoclaste réinvente la cuisine palestinienne, cite de grands auteurs, parle fruits mauriciens ou politique."


April 19, 2017

This Bethlehem chef...

Lonely Planet

"Palestinian cuisine is getting quite a makeover in one  Bethlehem  restaurant, where chefs use scalpels and blowtorches to create a modern twist on traditional dishes.

MP Hosh_Fadi Kattan.JPG

September 6, 2016

Remix local cuisine

Middle East Eye

"“There is a perpetual tendency to limit Palestinian cuisine to the traditional,” Kattan says, clearly frustrated at the restrictions of his nation's cooking.”

MP Hosh 3.JPG

August 26, 2016

Fawda Restaurant Monocle

"Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan is introducing a new kind of food to Bethlehem by reworking traditional recipes and supporting local farmers."


August 7, 2016

Fadi Kattan brings new ideas - Jerusalem Post

"Kattan’s updated take on traditional Palestinian dishes and ingredients sometimes ruffles feathers."


January 11, 2016

Make food, not war

The Media Line

"It is difficult to imagine a more immediate way to experience the land than through the earthy, inspired dishes created by Kattan"

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